BIND Therapeutics
BIND Therapeutics: A new way of targeting disease
Product Development Pipeline
We intend to use our MEDICINAL NANOENGINEERING® platform to develop ACCURINS® in several therapeutic areas, with an initial focus on the treatment of various types of cancer. In addition, we have entered into collaboration agreements with several major biopharmaceutical companies to develop and commercialize ACCURINS® that are based on our collaborators' proprietary therapeutic payloads and targeting ligands. The following table depicts our proprietary and collaboration products in development:


BIND STM paper
A research paper featured in the journal Science Translational Medicine, describes BIND and AstraZeneca's preclinical work on AZD2811.

Science Translational Medicine
February 10, 2016
Aurora Kinase Inhibitor Nanoparticles Target Tumors with Favorable Therapeutic Index in vivo

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Partnered Programs
In addition to our internal development programs, we actively seek opportunities to collaborate with recognized biopharmaceutical companies to develop ACCURINS® incorporating therapeutic payloads and targeting ligands from their proprietary product portfolios. We have established a number of collaborations with industry leaders, including announced agreements with Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Roche, Merck, Macrophage Therapeutics (a subsidary of Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.), Synergy Pharmaceuticals, PeptiDream, Inc. and Amgen. Please see Partnerships section for more information.